Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Walk in the Life of Lady Annyeong


Since welcoming Lady Annyeong into their daily lives, the Harrington's have enjoyed a bit of an increase regarding their daily routine. One of the great pleasures in owning a dog is the near-requirement that owner's 'get outside' to ensure excercise and fitness for their four (or 3.5 legged) friend while at the same time getting in a bit of fresh air themselves. The Harrington's have made a decent habit of walking Lady Annyeong before school, after school and before drifting off to sleep at night. With 3.5 legs Lady Anyeong shows no disadvantage in her walking or running skills. Daily walks are the fuel that keeps Lady's fire burning and her deeply felt love for such assures the Harringtons that upon returning to Wyoming Lady Annyeong will find great happiness and feel right at home in what will be to her, a foreign land.

For those family and friends who find the distance excruciating at times and are particularly anxious to 'know' this new addition to the Harrington family, we at The Harrington Times gladly bring you a video depicting various scenes from one of Lady Annyeong's all time favorite routines: the daily walk.

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