Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh the Weather Inside is Frightful

The Harrington's are fully aware of friends and family back home being buried under snow and more painfully, enduring temperatures of -50 Farenheit + wind chill. Having endured a few Laramie winters themselves, they are not in the least bit surprised to hear of the frigid temps being endured by Wyomingites in recent days. And while the temperatures in Korea may not be excruciatingly low, it is enough to encite the government to encourage the citizens to wear long-johns.

Those unfamiliar to the working environment of South Korea, particularly in the public schools, may be surprised to learn that wearing long-johns on a daily basis is just the beginning of maintaining warmth during the winter months on the peninsula. Although temperatures have hardly dipped below 0 degrees Farenheit in the Land of Kimchi, the Harrington's and other Guest English Teachers have taken to wearing their coats indoors, as well as hats, gloves, scarves and of course, long-johns.

Unfortunately, sitting at a computer for hours on end during the winter months with no heating and open windows doesn't provide the heat production necessary to survive regardless of the layers one wears. Fortunately, there are a few options a Guest English Teacher can pursue in order to maintain feeling in the extremeties and enjoy some sense of comfort regarding the continuation of their life into the cherry-blossomed filled spring.


Some tips for staying warm during these cold winter months:

For ladies wishing to enjoy fall skirts without having to sacrifice warmth simply head on into your local Home-plus or sock shop and purchase a pair of fleece lined tights. Not sure that'll keep you quite warm enough in your mini? Why not purchase a set of leg warmers? And a pair of Uggs or 'ugg-a-likes' to add yet another layer of warmth.

Just remembered you can't wear Uggs while sitting at your desk? No problem! Simply pick out a pair of slippers from GMarket and have them delivered to your home, why not try out this pair? Still not warm enough? Why not go for a giant USB-heated slipper, your feet will be toasty warm the whole day through.

Of course, don't forget the simple and always effective blanket, space heater, hand warmers, gloves without fingers (so you can continue to blog and facebook), chunky scarf, and heavy coat.

If all else fails, retreat to the teachers office where the Vice Principal enjoys his days warmer than most, enjoy a cup of coffee and slowly make your way back to your freezing little English hole.

Thanks to: Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Tom for the link to the Koreans and Long Johns article, Mike Harrington for purchasing a USB heated slipper for Melissa Harrington so her winter wouldn't be so miserable, and the plethra of ways to waste time on the internet so winter vacation would only be cold rather than cold and boring.

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