Friday, February 4, 2011

Surviving Middle School English Camp

Winter as an English teacher for EPIK means 1-3 (perhaps more) weeks of English Winter Camp. These tend to look different for all teachers, regarding timing, schedule etc. However, one site proves time and time again to be a life-saver for English Teachers in Korea, that site is This site provides teachers a great many resources regarding curriculum, culture, games, PPTs and so much more. It was here, Mike Harrington found inspiration to conduct a two-week Survivor-themed Winter English Camp for the students of Nameson Middle School. Following are photos and a video depicting a few moments from the 2 week camp which included activities such as: knot tying, first aid instruction, peanut-butter and jelly sandwich making, tepee making, totem pole design and creation among a great many other activities designed to engage students and encourage a bit of English language use all while maintaining a fun and enjoyable camp atmosphere.

Team Name and Poster Creation

First Aid

Totem Poles and Tepees

Newspaper Tribal Outfit Creation

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