Monday, February 28, 2011

Looking Back:Joy and Beauty in Khyaelitsha

Upon arriving in South Korea we at The Harrington Times worked hard to cover all the bases regarding stories from the Harrington's recent world travels while offering up-to-the-minute reports on their Korean lifestyle. In September and October we presented some 'Looking Back' stories regarding summer 2010 travels. Unfortunately, with the zeal and attention that the Harrington's give toward living their lives to the utmost, many of these 'Looking Back' posts featured home videos captured by the Harrington's during their travels. Well, with a bit of extra time on our hands and a browsing through the YouTube archives of the Harrington's we at THT realize we've left bits and pieces of the summer adventures out of our faithful reporting. So it is, we return to the series 'Looking Back' and hope to fill in the missing pieces and images over the next few weeks or months to properly document the life and times of the Harringtons.

You may recal that the primary reason the Harrington's traveled during the summer of 2010 was spurred by their desire to attend the World Cup in South Africa. Having enjoyed their game and a few sights in and around Cape Town, the couple made their way into a Township for their last night in South Africa. Each township experience the couple had while in South Africa was beautiful and powerful. Two such moments, from one special day, were caught on camera.

During the tour and their night in Khayelitsha the Harrington's had the great pleasure of listening to this group of kiddos sing and learn with great joy and enthusiasm.

The Harrington's also had the opportunity to meet this woman, who goes by the name Beauty. She willingly and humbly shared her story with the Harrington's: her story of AIDS, abandonment, dreams and hopes. She shared her struggles and her joys. She shared her heart. Her story is one the Harrington's were honored to hear and hope to remember for all time. Here, we offer our readers a chance at hearing that same story, from the mouth of Beauty herself.

Stay tuned for additional long over due articles regarding the Harrington's summer travels as well as regular updates regarding life in Korea.

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