Thursday, February 10, 2011

Put a Little Big Hit in your Hand

Some things in Korea are simply: brilliant and ingenius. One such aspect of Korea that fits these adjectives is pictured below; Chicken Snack on top, Soda on the bottom - thank you Big Hit Chicken and 2AM.

When Koreans or expats are in need of a little afternoon snacking delight, there are many options. Within a 2 minute or less walking distance depending on the lights, the Harrington's can put a little big hit in their hands, walk the dog, change a song on the iPod, wave to a neighbor, give a little bow, side-step a motorbike all while carrying their chicken and soda in their preferred hand. Brilliant. Truly. And, the chicken's not half-bad especially for the more than fair price of 2,000W (US$2) for the chicken and the soda. Added Bonus: 2AM supports Big Hit Chicken - check them out!

If you've fallen head over heals for these mega-pop stars and just so happen to be living in Daejeon or visiting soon why not consider seeing them live in concert? Head on over to this little bloggy space to find information in Korean or go straight to the Korean source regarding such matters and purchase yourself a ticket. Should you decide to attend, it'd be wise to start learning their songs, why not start with this one?

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