Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gyeryong-San National Park

On Saturday, October 30th the Harrington's made their way to Daejeon's most proximal National Park - Gyeryong-San, translated to be Rooster-Dragon Mountain. The couple has been anticipating the arrival of fall as Laramites, Wyomingites and those who live in the west have been constantly boasting via blogposts and facebook statuses of a perfectly beautiful fall back home.

Korea is not about to dissappoint the Harrington's in terms of fall colors, however the season seems to be taking its slow sweet time in arriving, a phenomena unknown to a couple who have spent most of their autumn seasons watching the snow fall down and the few decidious trees drop their leaves within a matter of weeks.

For Octobers final Saturday the Harrington's expected to see vibrant colors of reds, yellows, oranges and few bronzy browns, however the mountain was surprisingly green (and not due in part to their being numerous evergreens). Of course, the Harrington's are always content to simply be outside and were actually a bit encouraged by the idea that fall can be a season rather than a month.


Therefore, the couple, along with some thousands of Koreans enjoyed a bit of meandering, sitting, pondering and photographing at Gyeryon-San National Park, easily reached by bus 107. Unlike National Parks in the USA a Korean National Park, or almost any destination of note, is well skirted by souvenier shops, restaurants, convencience stores and one or two no-rae bangs (karaoke rooms).

This Saturday, the Harrington's hope to search out the fall colors once again, although this time on a less popular mountain trail so they can perhaps experience a bit of serenity in the walls of this concrete jungle.

Getting There: Bus 107 takes trekkers right up to the front gate or as near as possible depending on the day. The Harrington's choose to take the sub to the National Cemetary Sub Station and catch the 107 from there, an extremely easy manner of transportation to and from a National Park.

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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)


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