Friday, April 29, 2011

Sunday (etc.) Coffee: April 2011

This month, the Mrs. has forgotten most of the names of the cafes as well as what she ordered, however, general location and highlights of the cafe can be offered ^^


If you take a bus to the Yuseong-gu Homeplus, cross the river, go straight at the light and take your first left you just may spot the sign to this second floor cafe. Major highlight - American-sized-and-flavored Cookies, none of those puny, cutesy Korean sized cookies with their own wonderful flavors, but full on, American-Bakery-Type-Cookies. Oh, and did we mention, free of charge? Cookies, free of charge with coffee or choco order. Why wouldn't you search for this Gung-dong gem?

Hot Choco
The Chocolate
By far the coffe shop highlight of April and potentially of 8 months in Korea, The Chocolate is the #1 place for anything chocolate and a sure-bet for next winter's cold and frigid weekend afternoon's. It's darling inside with books, pillows and cutesy decor, but you don't go to The Chocolate for atmosphere (although they have it), you go for Chocolate. And, may we recommend the Hot Choco? You can't go wrong here! You'll receive a great gift of a mug. filled with milk. alongside a 'gravy' boat. filled with chocolate. and a whisk. Sip and enjoy this with a good friend and life enriching conversation. Once in Gung-dong, make your way 'to the back' away from the main street as far back as you can get, it kind of stands out, so you should be able to find it - best of luck!


Cinnamon Mocha
"unkown" Book Cafe
Yet another sweet coffee shop, which may potentially greet you en route to The Chocolate is this cafe of whose name we cannot currently recall. Near the center of Gung-dong (i.e. Rodeo Street) this cafe has an adorable interior, fabulous hot choco and amazingly sweet teapots on addition to a number books and magazines (in Korean of course).

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