Monday, June 27, 2011

A Year Ago Today: The 27th of June

A year ago today, the Harrington's embarked on a trip that they had counted down for a number of days, weeks, months and quite possibly years. At the close of May, the couple had moved out of their unforgettable 519 home and began working the Summer High School Institute to gather up a last bit of cash prior to taking off for a bit of a World Tour: Guatemala, South Africa and Thailand being the main stops but Qatar, Malaysia, Japan and a quick San Fran trip all made their way into the mix as well. The tour would end soon as the Harrington's were in South Korea in order to teach English for a year (or more).

Now a year has passed. There are many things which are deserving of pause and reflection. However, one thing has been with-held from The Harrington Time readers until this very day. A sort of reward for those who saw the Harrington's off, supported their journey and has remained loyal to tuning in. This one thing also, simply put, got lost in the files and, is ultimately a bit of a disappointment. Yet, let us not give up and lose heart, because while it may not be all that it could have been, it is still a shining example of who the Harrington's are and who they carry with them (specifically Chris Livingston and the HSI crews of 2009 and 2010).

The following is what began as a worthy attempt to recreate the joy that is Where the Hell is Matt? and ended up as a few random shots of the Livingston style Gogo-Dance!


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