Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday Nights with Girls and the Lady

Tuesday nights, the Harrington's continue to make their way to the OEC Coffee house just out of Galma exit #2 for some of Daejeon's best hot/iced choco and green tea lattes -- not to mention, a fabulous and kind Barista! But it's not just choco and green tea and sweet friends that lure the couple to the coffee shop on Tuesday nights, it's the prospect of spending some time with a few Middle School girls, playing Uno and chatting. Special bonus, now that the weather is warm (vergeing on swealtering), the couple can bring Lady Annyeong along and sit with her outside of the coffee shop. Not only do they get to enjoy the Lady's company, but the Middle School girls are all to eager to help the Lady maintain her 'girlish' figure by running her around and wearing her down!


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