Friday, June 10, 2011

Chopsticks: Not just for Ramen and Kimbap!


Always wanting this 'home' to feel a little more like a home the Mrs. is always looking for ways to spruce things up and create a more home-like atmosphere without spending much cash. (Let's face it, the Harrington's will probably never spend much cash to create a more home-like atmosphere). However, following the arrival of a super-sweet gift that serves as a constant reminder of their 'forever' home - 519, the Mrs. was even more encouraged to spruce up the 'brick wall' (read: brick wall papered wall) with some photos in 'frames'... And when living in the land of Kimchi what better to make frames with than left over chopsticks and twine from winter camps?

Would the Mrs. had a bit more foresight, she likely would have painted the chopsticks so as to prevent them from blending into the brick wall - regardless, chopstick picture frames are not a difficult craft to take on at all! Simply collect some disposable chopsticks and twine or string of choice. Wrap the chopsticks criss-cross with twine using the non-stuck-together-end to 'squeeze' the twine. Continue until you have a nice little square frame. The Mrs. just taped photos to the frames as the frames will likely not make their way to the states upon the Harrington's ending their time in Korea, whereas the photos will for sure accompany the couple back home.

Now, go out and enjoy some kimbap or sesame chicken and put those chopsticks to use!


Sandra said...

I love the chopstick frames! What a great, creative idea! They look great together on the wall, even without paint. :) Love it.

Stephanie said...


Micah and SaraJane said...

This is great! Let the creative juices flow..... glad you enjoyed the photos and gift. I love the wall.... so freaking excited to see you!

Annalise said...

Loveee this! Pinterest worthy ;)


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