Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunday Coffee (and Random Events): May 2011

Coffee dates have morphed a little. Moving out of Gung-dong and covering more than just sitting and sipping nice coffee drinks. Part of the morphing is due to warmer weather. Another part is simply a need for other things: skin products, clothing, this-and-that, haircuts, etc. A few highlights from May coffee dates include a homemade iced chai from a cafe nearish to Tanbang Station/Rodeo Town and an AMAZING dish of Pat-bing-su (shaved ice topped with sweet red beans, ice cream, nuts, chocolate sauce, rice-cake, fresh fruit and so much more!) The place we received pat-bing-su was near the same cafe with the fabulouse iced chai AND the sweet barista gifted the two coffee drinkers of the afternoon the most beautiful and fabulous iced cafe latte! (both cafes could be re-located by Mrs. Harrington, so if you're desparate, send her message and she'll meet up!)

Homemade Iced Chai


Iced Cafe Latte

Another highlight of the month (or potentially of April...) was stumbling across some mighty performances in a park near Seodaejeon station. This is the way life is in Daejeon, seemingly unexciting until you hear Rap music blaring across the park and stumble upon some impressive moves!


Aaron Fitzgerald said...

I LOVE Chai... where did you find the homemade stuff?

Melissa said...

Aaron...I think if you're at exit 5 (?) at Tanbang and you walk perpindicular to the station exit you'll go down a few smaller streets then run into a church or school...opposite the church/school are some cafe's - I can't remember the name of the one with chai, but would be down for hitting it up with you sometime. The chai was AMAZING! ... I also have a Chai concentrate in my refrigerator...maybe you can enjoy a nice glass while chilaxin w/ the Lady ^^


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