Saturday, March 3, 2012

Five Years Ago: Of First Dates

A couple months ago we shared the story of falling, in the love that is. But that was just the feeling part of things, the part that encourages a couple to pursue further hanging out, generally under the umbrella of just friends so that days and nights can be spent wondering at the possibilities and fearing that these butterflies will soon be buried by a broken heart. Fortunately for Mike and Melissa the butterflies were left to flutter as the man Harrington took to seeking out a creative and expressive way to assure the lady that he was indeed interested in pursuing a relationship.

Taking the advice of a good, wise and mutual friend (David Atwood), the man Harrington opted to send letters suggestive of upcoming joys and dates that Melissa would soon enjoy but each signed 'Future Melissa' AND written in distinctly different writing than any of the previous days notes or any writing Melissa had from the man himself.

Convinced it was Mike, but swayed to suspect a creeper by some sorority sisters, the week of mysterious letters continued, leaving Melissa feeling eager, anxious, excited and a touch nervous. On the final day, just a few day's after Valentine's Day, Melissa received a note from her 'future self' which included a line much in this fashion:

Tonight, I enjoyed an evening of stargazing after meeting a ridiculously good-looking man under the sun of the science building.
Future Melissa

Just in case future Melissa wasn't as trustworthy as present Melissa's sisters and gut instincts, Melissa headed out with a couple sorority sisters to the science building where she saw none other than the man Harrington waiting to accompany her to the University of Wyoming Planetarium which would highlight not only various constellations, but also provide a rollicking good laser show.

So it was, under a starry night that the man and woman we now know as Mr. and Mrs. Harrington admitted to themselves and the 'world' that they were ready to proclaim a relationship status and move beyond awkward friend to, awkward couple (some things never change).

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