Friday, November 12, 2010

A Day for Chocolate, Cookies and Love

While many friends back home are thanking a veteran and reflecting on the sacrifices made by a many good man and woman, the Harringtons as well as the rest of South Korea are collecting and giving the gift of Pepero. November 11th, more popularly written as 11-11 is a day overwhelmingly celebrated in South Korea as the number 1 has an uncanny resemblance to a straight stick of candy known as Pepero.

The day is more or less a take on Valentine's Day however the gift market on Pepero Day is essentially a Monopoly held by Lotte, the makers of Pepero, although, according to the all-reliable Wikipedia, "Lotte denies starting the holiday and instead states that they noticed a bump in Pepero sales around November 11th and after continued popularity they decided to then encourage the holiday with special gift boxes and other promotions." Having been in Korea for three months, the Harrington's believe either story is entirely possible.

Regardless of the history or purpose, the day ushers in a fair amount of delicious sweet snacks for teachers and loved ones.

Besides having a delicous chocolatey treat, the reciepient is also encouraged by the loving words printed, in English conveniently, on many Pepero package. And here, in no particular order are some of the loving words one might read on Pepero Day:

  • I only want my love to grow in you.
  • I beleive we need to let others feel the love instead of talking about the LOVE.
  • I love you today more than yesterday.
  • You & Me -- I'm happy to have been with you so far.
  • Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction.
(For more information on Pepero Day do a quick google search or check out this Wikipedia Article.)


shellycoulter said...

Interesting. Do they do Valentine's Day too?

Those love notes crack me up!

Mike said...

They do celebrate Valentine's Day, but I understand that only the girl's give chocolates/gifts to the boys. We'll know more when it actually comes around I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

"I beleive we need to let others feel the love instead of talking about the LOVE."

I like that one best.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Valentines is female to male, but then one month later on White Day the dude is meant to reciprocate 3x over.

Peppero was seemingly not just about buying for partners but just buying for anyone and everyone in general. Ahhh... the chocolatey joys of edible commercialism.


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