Tuesday, November 2, 2010


On October 22nd, Mr. Harrington's middle school, Namseon, held it's fall festival. This is a time for the student's to showcase their talents and skills, much like an American school's talent show. And these kids ARE talented! There were magicians, violin players, singers, harmonica players, K pop dancers, ballet dancers and none other than Mr. Harrington himself up on stage.

Many readers of the Harrington Times will be wondering why in the world was Mr. Harrington up on stage? It's so against his grain. And it is. When his coteacher asked him to perform at the festival, Mr. Harrington felt like he couldn't say no, like he usually would. He at first agreed to sing, thinking that some of his coteachers would join him, but as more and more declined his offer, he decided he had to change his act. He decided to perform Michael Jackson's Thriller with about 20 of his students. They practiced everyday at lunch for about two weeks, and even pulling a few two-a-days in the week preceding the festival. And it all paid off! Watch the video for proof.

Thriller was definitely one of the hits of the festival. So much that parents and teachers all congratualted Mr. Harrington afterwards. Even the principal, whom Mr. Harrington had hardly spoken a word, came and poured a shot of SoJu for Mr. Harrington at the teacher dinner later (which was HUGE). Up until that point, Mr. Harrington had assumed that the people congratulating him were just being the overly kind Koreans he has began to know. It wasn't until he watched the video later that night that he realized how well it turned out. He was pleasantly surprised! But, there were many other stars at the festival. Mr. Harrington's school is just loaded with talent. Check it out:

By far one of Mr. Harrington's favorite acts. For those of you who don't know, Mr. Harrington loves the sound of a harmonica. This act had three, of different shapes and sizes, the likes of which Mr. Harrington had never seen before. He wishes he could have filmed the whole thing!

Wondergirls never fail to get the crowd cheering.

One of the other hits. Clap.

Ballerina. One girl in front of about a thousand people. Gutsy!

The mothers did a dance too. This is their warm up.

What I assume is Jpop warmup.

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Anonymous said...

Those were great! Thanks for sharing, Mike! And "Thriller" was amazing! There is absolutely no way I could get up there and do something like that. Nice work! I am very impressed!


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