Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Harrington's Ate This

As an English Teacher in Korea, one often finds they have a bit of extra time. This time can be used in a number of ways, studying the Korean language, reading the news, learning a new instrument, taking an online course or two. Prior to their arrival, the Harrington's had considered various hobbies and activities they hoped to pursue upon settling in South Korea. One hobby the couple, particularly Mike Harrington, wanted to offer more attention to was that of photography.

It is under these desires and the availability of the time that the Harrington's have decided to tag team photo ideas and photo taking. One form of motivation to pursue this hobby will be received from a blog titled: I Should Be Folding Laundry. Weekly, the blog author presents a You Capture challenge. Most recently, the challenge was You Capture -- I ate This.

Here, the Harrington's present their first photos which are part of the You Capture challenges.



Thanksgiving in a foreign country is simply different. Unfortunately, the Harrington's didn't have a five day weekend, and the 25th of November was spent teaching students English then going seperate ways in the evening to prepare for various upcoming Thanksgiving meals. Unwilling to settle for a cup of Ramen or quesadilla, Melissa opted for her favorite Walnut Cookies after school and a bacon toast sandwich from a nearby sandwhich shop. Mike Harrington on the other hand made a trip to Costco, encountered a few foreigners hoping to snag a pumpkin pie and ended the shopping trip with a Costco hotdog. Two acceptable ways to enjoy Thanksgiving in a foreign nation.

Family, friends and readers should note that the Harrington's did have more than one opportunity to enjoy Thanksgiving in a more traditional manner, stories to be published in the coming week.



Renegades said...

Did you miss Turkey?

I mean a hotdogs ok, but it's not turkey and dressing.............

Melissa said...

@Renegades - We did have a large meal with American friends - chicken for turkey and all the other fixins. Tonight, we'll have another full out meal with our Korean co-teachers, so don't worry to much ^^ (I actually prefer rotiserre chicken to turkey).


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