Saturday, November 20, 2010

No-Rae Bang Favorites

A common pastime in Korea is Karaoke, in Korea it's known as 노레 (no-rae). No-rae bang then is a Karaoke or singing room. Usually paid for by the hour or half hour, a singing room is open to customers and their favorite singing partners to choose old favorites, current hits and anything in between and relive their adolescent dreams of being a pop star. Friday, the 19th of November, the Harrington's attended a no-rae bang with a group of good friends and had an exceptional time. The couple has only gone twice but look forward to future no-rae bang opportunities so long as they have the perfect crew of singers to join.

So that readers my have a greater appreciation of these singing room experiences, the Harrington's will occassionaly post some of their favorite no-rae bang songs and readers at home can do one of two things: 1) imagine the Harrington's belting out the song or 2) begin belting out the song in your own home or office.

We at The Harrington Times now present to you five of their favorite no-rae bang songs thus far while living and singing in Korea:

The sound and harmony was of this quality, at least!

1 comment:

Hannah Montana said...

You are awesome. I can actually imagine you singing, and some part of me wants to be there singing along with you.


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