Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Hearts in Daejeon

Unlike any other Thanksgiving Day, the Harrington's both conducted this fourth Thursday of the month as if it were any other Thursday. They woke, showered, walked to work and taught their regular round up of Korean students. The equivalent of Korea's Thanksgiving was in September meaning the Harrington's had their chance at a five day weekend a couple months ago.

The next few days will provide the Harrington's a number of opportunities to be with friends and co-workers celebrating this Holiday, giving thanks for the many gifts they've received. But today, the Harrington's have taken a moment to inform readers what they are thankful for, in Korea and back home.

In Korea, the Harrington's are grateful for:
  • Adorable and often wonderful students.
  • Opportunities to travel and see many parts of Korea.
  • The amazing variety and flavors of Korean food (at super affordable prices).
  • Green Tea Lattes from OEC Coffee.
  • Expat friends to chat with, thrift with, play Catan with and enjoy meals with. Friend who are more than adequate at serving the role of support network and 'family'.
  • Beautiful scenery from the natural to cityscapes.
  • The opportunity to travel and work simultaneously.
  • The generosity and hospitality of the Korean people.

From back home, the Harrington's are grateful for:
  • Fellow bloggers, allowing the couple to stay connected.
  • Emails, Facebook messages, blog comments, cards and Skype calls, everything that constantly reminds the couple how richly blessed they have always been and will continue to be.
  • Outpourings of concern regarding the couples safety.
  • Memories of holidays past, spent with family playing games and preparing delicious meals.
  • Gifts which arrive at the perfect time. 519 Friends, you are a part of the Harrington's family which is deeply missed. Thank you for allowing the following moment to occur in the lives of Mike and Melissa Harrington.

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