Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Travel Tips: Vietnam Edition

Similar to our previous article Travel Tips: Taiwan Edition, these tips are a mix of tips truly specific to Vietnam whereas others are more general and all-travel encompassing tips - Enjoy!

Specific to getting a Vietnam Visa: For American citizens at least, there are basically two options 1) Go/Send passport and required paperwork to a Vietnam Embassy or 2) Use an online service provider to do paperwork before hand and receive your visa upon arrival. The Harrington's used and had no problems. Simply fill out an online form, pay a fee (US25$) then receive some confirmation work and forms in your email, print and fill out anything, present it to the fine folks at the "Landing Visa" window upon arrival in Vietnam (cross your fingers your one of only a couple people needing the visa), pay an additional US25$ and your finished. Note of caution/warning: When you fill out the paperwork, you will receive an email confirming you will receive a visa upon arrival, your passport number will be in this email. So will about 20 other individuals. Suppose it's just expected that there will be a mutual level of trust and respect amongst all recipients on the list, plus it's only the number, not any expiration dates or other info, but still, good to know. Another good site for answering questions about the visa process is:

Specific to Sunscreen: Purchase brands you know, even if it feels too steep a price to pay. Or just take plenty with you.

Specific to Avoiding the Foreigner Tax: No matter what, you're going to be ripped off. Usually it's about the equivalent of a dollar, so relax. However, when chatting up with a friendly coconut salesmen on the popular tourist streets of Ho Chi Minh City, fake like you've been there a while - maybe as a teacher or long-staying tourist. Answering the question "How long have you been here?/How long will you stay?" with the answer "Oh, just a day/couple days/etc," is sure to result in your paying a ridiculous foreigner tax.

Specific to Staying at Hotels in Vietnam: They will want your Passport at the front desk. And they want to keep it while you are there. It's regulation. Have no fear.

Specific to Packing - Accessories: If you have an old, airplane eye mask lying around or another small, easily folded piece of thickish fabric, it'll make for a great way to keep your earrings from becoming a mess while also packing quite compactly.

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