Monday, March 5, 2012

Thawing in Vietnam: Day of Arrival

Having partied all night long with the Mullen's, still humming the tune of No Doubt's "I'm just a Girl", the Harrington's grabbed a cab from Dunsan Girls High School and headed to the bus terminal at 3:30 am to catch a bus to Incheon International Airport. Prepared to feel the pangs of hunger after such a late night, the Harrington's (specifically, Melissa) carried a bag of Paris Baguette Treats along with her one small daypack. Groggy and ready to nap on the bus the cinnamon rolls and pastries from Paris Baguette were forgotten by Melissa, resulting in a Subway sandwich breakfast after checking in at the airport.
Airport Eats
From Incheon the duo flew to the budget airline airport in Kuala Lumpur (LCCT?) Which is all that a budget airport should be, cheap and busy with budget travellers. After grabbing a quick bite and shedding some winter layers in the tropical warmth of Malaysia the couple was soon in flight heading for their final destination of Ho Chi Minh City.

Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City the Harrington's took a moment to orient themselves to any potential scams by glancing through the Lonely Planet while sipping some fresh watermelon and passion fruit juice. Always leary of taxi drivers that approach them while in Southeast Asia, the couple opted to hop in with a metered taxi which seemed to be 'recommended' by the airport staff. Entering Ho Chi Minh City was a concierto of honks, beeps, and whizzing motorbikes. The taxi driver 'kindly' took the couple on a small tour of the city before looping back to the street where the couple would find their hotel for the next two nights, Hotel TiTi.

Checked into the hotel and eager to see a bit more of the city and more importantly get some food in their bellies, the Harrington's took a short walk through a bit of downpour until they found a nice looking rooftop restaurant and bar. Looking over the menu, the couple quickly decided that a serving of goat meat fried in coconut oil as well as grilled beef and cheese sounded like the perfect compliment to a cold Tiger beer. And the dishes were perfect.

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