Friday, March 16, 2012

Thawing in Vietnam: Following Red Dirt Roads

Waking up in a bit of paradise involves slowly making one's way to the resorts open air restaurant for a complimentary breakfast buffet complete with baguettes, jams, fresh fruits, pancakes, omelets, various vegetable salads and dressings as well as watermelon juice and strong coffee. Enjoying said complimentary breakfast while watching small waves lap the shore and listening to the rustle of palm fronds. Continue the morning by showering and renting a motorbike from the front desk ($10US for the entire day, although cheaper can be found on the island) and commencing on an exciting day of touring and soaking in the revitalizing vacation vibe.
Decked out in helmets and matching sunglasses, the Harrington's took to the red dirt roads and occasional paved roads that define Phu Quoc infrastructure to enjoy a butt-numbing day of wind in the hair, slightly secluded beaches and the passing of densely forested jungle-scapes. After a few wrong turns, otherwise known as intentional detours to get a better feel of the island, the couple arrived at the phenomenally beautiful Sao Beach. White Sand. Blue Water. Palm Trees. Seaside Table serving up beers, fresh lemon sodas and an assortment of snacks. By far one of the most gorgeous places the Harrington's had ever been.
Following a bit of swimming, floating, and lounging on the beach it was back to the motorbike to continue island exploration. The next destination was a pearl farm where the Harrington's saw a pearl harvested from an oyster and proceeded into a large shop filled with thousands of gorgeous, pearly jewelry (a couple of which just so happened to make up the pair of earrings Melissa would eventually purchase to add to her travel-souvenir-accessory-collection).

Bedazzled with pearls and in desperate need of a quick shower and short rest back in their hotel room the couple made a short stop over before climbing back onto the bike and heading out toward Mango Bay for Happy Hour and the sunset. Enjoying the extreme privacy and seclusion of Mango Bay Resorts beach, the Harrington's breathed in the fresh and rejuvenating air, grateful for these moments to explore and be together.


However, the main purpose of coming this way, a bit north of their own resort, was to sample the delicious fares of Sakura, the number one rated restaurant on Phu Quoc Island according to As promised, the restaurant provided heaping portions of some of the most amazing Vietnamese dishes the couple had yet encountered including foot long fresh spring rolls, chicken in coconut sauce and beef fried with chilies. Unfortunately, a day of bouncing on the back of a motorbike with sunglasses that were too tight and a lack of water intake left the Mrs. feeling a bit nauseated and unable to help with the task of eating the mountains of food. Generally up to the challenge, the man easily packed away an ambitious amount of dinner, including the chilies which would soon prove disastrous.

However, unaware of the troubles to come and desperate to return to the hotel and drift off into a deep, restorative slumber, the Harrington's made their way back to Arcadia Resort, where they did not enjoy a deep slumber but rather, one of the two had an unfortunate battle which waged throughout the night and into the next day...

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Micah and SaraJane said...

Photos look beautiful and make me extremely jealous of this adventure. Love the helmet photos. Gosh...why don't we travel like this together sometime?


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