Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Renewing: A Beast to be Reckoned With

For readers who are unaware, the Harrington's have opted to re-new their teaching contracts and continue living life in Daejeon, South Korea. Staying in Korea was always a part of the plan, and thankfully, Korea has been kind enough to the Harrington's that the couple is willing to carry on. The next contract will begin at the end of August 2011 and go through August 2012. Michael Teacher has opted to remain with Namseon Middle School whereas Melissa Teacher has requested a change of teaching location and has said good-bye to the majority of her students at both Seongchon Elementary School and Bongam Elementary School. The decision to change was not an easy one, however in pursuing a master's degree online while teaching, it shall prove beneficial for Melissa Teacher to go from teaching two elementary schools to teaching one Middle School. (You read that correctly, Melissa Teacher is going to take on Middle School, prayers and positive thoughts are welcomed).

Now, the Harrington's have entered the process of renewing their contracts, a beastly process that has been made easier by the efforts of Daejeon's current English Teacher Coordinator. The process began about mid-June when Guest English Teachers were asked to check some boxes and mark their interest for staying in Korea, Daejeon, their current school. Following each GET's decision, the schools conducted an evaluation (slightly sketchy timing). From this point, GET's waited approximately one month before heading to the Ministry of Education to sign their next year contract and receive some important information regarding renewing, severance pay, and renewal bonus. In order to cash in on the money opportunities, GET's in Daejeon need to download, print and complete the forms found on the Hello DaeJeon GET's site under the 'What's New Tab' (as of August 2010).

Diligent GET's also went to one of the following hospitals for a medical check-up prior to signing the contract, however, a late check-up was also acceptable. On average, the medical check-up cost 90,000 - 100,000 won. Specifically, the check up is called:

건강채용검진 or “Gun Gang Chae Yong Gum Jin”

을지대학병원 – Daejeon Eulji University Hospital Tel: 042-611-3000
건양대학병원- Konyang University Hospital Tel:1577-3330
대전선병원 – Daejeon Sun Hospital Tel: 042-220-8000
유성선병원 – Yuseong Sun Hospital Tel: 042-609-1000
충남대학교병원- Chungnam National Univ. Hospital Tel: 042-220-9114
대전성모병원- Daejeon Saint Mary’s Hopital Tel: 042-220-9114

Renewing GET's should be sure to take 2 passport size photos and their ARC card to the hospital with them.

In addition, renewing GET's need to renew/extend their visa which is done via the Immigration Office. Again, the details for this process can be found on the Hello DaJeon GET's website. Visa renewal requires:

  1. Application Form - available at Immigration Office

  2. Passport and ARC card

  3. Paper/Business Certificate from the Ministry of Education (for Daejeonites this is included with the contract signed mid-July)

  4. Copy of new contract (August 2011-2012)

  5. Processing fee of 30,000 Won
Additionally, American citizens in particular need to update their Criminal Background Check and go through the FBI rather than state level. Detailed information on this process is not currently available as this is where the Harrington's have lost diligence.

If you have additional information regarding renewing in Daejeon or in other locations, feel free to share in the comments.

Thanks to Facebook groups and GET friends who've assisted in getting out this information for all who are renewing.

To friends and family in the states, renewing means the Harrington's were 'awarded' 2 bonus weeks of vacation on top of the 8 business days they'd already been granted, therefore, the Harrington's will be in the lovely states of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana in less than two weeks and would love to see your smiling faces!

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