Monday, July 4, 2011

Man's Best Friend: An excerpt from the life of Lady Annyeong

As their first contract comes to a close, the Harrington's are preparing not only to return stateside for a quick visit with family and friends, but also to say good-bye to some dear Daejeon friends that have made the past year meaningful, enjoyable and totally worth crossing oceans and boundaries. A handful of friends will remain and new friends are sure to work their way into the lives of the Harrington's. However, should the next batch of English teachers be lacking in meaningful friendships for the Harrington's, readers of the Harrington Times should not fear, for the couple will always have the companionship of their 3.5 legged darling, Lady Annyeong.

Recently, Lady Annyeong proved her loyalty to the man Harrington by engaging in a game of Pandemic. Lady worked diligently to assist the man in ridding the world of all disease.

To whatever the future may hold, the Harrington's say "Bring it on! We've got a forever friend in Lady Annyeong and have no fear of what the future may or may not hold!"

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Oh man guys,
These photos make me role on the floor with laughter. Annyeong is definitely a Harrington, through and through.
Love and Miss you guys!


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