Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stories from the Couch: June 23 - 25

(As we begin to fill out this post, a realization is hitting...there have been CS guests whom we have not blogged about! Minor Crisis...will work to correct the problem in due time, for now, the story of the Harrington's most recent guests).

Sometimes the Harrington's aren't really that great at hosting. Such as the weeks when they're both planning English Summer Camps, Melissa's doubled up on the Master's courses and friends are leaving the ROK peninsula. Nonetheless, when someone comes a-knockin' (or requestin') the Harrington's nearly always say ... "Well, sure. We may not be able to give our full time and attention, but crash here anyway"...and so it was that the Harrington's hosted over the course of three days:

June 23 - 24: Racheli from Israel - Touring East Asia

June 24 - 25: Mark born in Manchester, living in Tawian 20+ years - en route to visit his mum

Racheli arrived first, by bus and impressively made it within just a few minutes of the Harrington's Galma home. Racheli and Melissa stopped at the grocers on the bottom of the hill, picked up some veggies and trekked up the hill, in monsoon rains, to prepare a bit of dinner and begin the lovely chats that are guaranteed when hosting CouchSurfer's. On the menu for the night was Black Bean Hummus Wraps with fresh Veggies and chatting about Racheli's previous travels around China and Taiwan as well as mapping out a plan for the next days Racheli adventures (Harrington's would be working, of course).

The following night, the Harrington's and guest Racheli welcomed in yet another CS soul, Mark. Mark is a champion on the bike (and on foot and occasionally in the water). However, at this leg in his journey the bike was giving him fits and he was carrying the beast in a large size duffle bag. Regardless of such hardships, Mark arrived ready to chat and make multiple attempts to bring Lady Annyeong into his good graces (he won some, he lost a few...she's apparently fickle at times). In addition to chatting and friendship building, Mark got to work in 519 Kitchen, a much welcomed 'intrusion' for the Mrs. as she was starving and exhausted and slightly fed up with cooking while trying to complete course work. The first night, Mark made 'three-cups tofu' in similar fashion as 'three cups chicken'. The following morning, it was a thick Taiwanese Pancake that the Mrs. has been trying to recreate on a regular basis since...


It's delicious. Anyway, following breakfast, the CouchSurfers headed their separate ways - Racheli off to Nonsan, Mark off for a run. The Harrington's hunkered down and got to work on various odds and ends for those camps and courses mentioned previously. Upon Mark's return, the three made their way to Weizen-haus for all you can drink brews and all you can eat buffet for 18,000 won (5:00-10:00 - not a bad deal at all!) as well as to say good-bye to some dear folks heading home to Colorado after nearly a year in the ROK. The night ended with all folks hitting the hay and sleeping well until morning when Mark once again served up another Taiwanese style pancake - this time more crepe-like and filled with sauteed veggies.

Regardless of what was on their to-do list, the Harrington's always enjoy the company of CouchSurfers, hearing their stories, learning new things and having someone else prepare the food for a change is an added bonus. (Now, to work on remembering who of our CS hosts we The Harrington Times have failed to write about...)

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