Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good-bye Dear Seongchon, It's been a Year!

Seongchon 4th Grade Students

Seongchon 6th Grade Students

Seongchon Grade 5 Students

Seongchon Grade 3 Students

A few days back, the Harrington Times presented a list of reasons that Melissa Teacher will be missing her co-workers and students at Bongam Elementary school. Having presented her final lessons to the students of Seongchon via a Dear Diary activity and summer camp activities ranging from a lesson on animals, hobbies and ice cream sundaes, the end has finally arrived. Before moving into a middle school setting, Melissa Teacher has taken another moment to jot down some favorite memories and lessons from her year at Seongchon Elementary School:

  • Paris Baguette Hamburgers with primary co-teacher Miyeong.
  • First day teaching jitters and eager faces of my first students in South Korea.
  • Opportunity to teach phonics and develop a teaching style for phonics
  • Leading games, games and more games
  • Reading about Doggy Poo
  • 5th grade students committed to teaching Melissa Teacher their names (Korean AND English)
  • Afternoon hikes and melt your mouth spicy squid, octopus and bean sprouts
  • Winter Camp and freezing toes
  • Peppero Day
  • From Head to Toe - Open Class
  • Sex Iron Tiger - co-workers with a sense of humor and dose of boldness
  • A relaxing, non-stressful summer camp

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