Friday, July 15, 2011

Good-bye Dear Bongam, It's been a Year!

Bongam Elementary School - August 2010 - July 2011

With many questions and doubts, concerns and uncertainties, Melissa Harrington has opted to change schools for her 2011-2012 contract in Daejeon, South Korea. The reasons for leaving are left for table-talk over a cup of coffee or tea. The reasons why Bongam will be missed however, have found their way into the blogosphere.

The following is a list of things which Melissa Teacher will forever carry with her from her year at Bongam Elementary school:

  • An entire year with enthusiastic, energetic and adorable 1st and 2nd graders
  • Making ABC Books
  • Students choosing English names of dear friends: SaraJane, Erin and Cailin
  • Learning kids songs and making up dances
  • Learning how to implement Classroom Management regardless of age and language barriers
  • Planning lessons solo, on the fly, and with occasional loads of time and inspiration
  • The delivery of notes and ramyeon dok pokki on Christmas Eve day from students who never showed an interest in English class
  • Watching a 5th grade class transition to 6th grade with as much energy, kindness, friendship and willingness to learn as they had had pre-hormones (Melissa Teacher admires them...<3)
  • Pulling off an entire week of Winter Camp dedicated to the stories of Eric Carle
  • Sports Day shenanigans, conversations, participation and relaxation - for once
  • After-school classes with sweet 3rd and 4th graders and a dinosaur name Gogo
  • Enjoying 9 out of 10 school lunches - especially pancakes and fresh fruits
  • Celebrating birthdays with thoughtful gifts and cards from students
  • Student determination to ensure Melissa Teacher would remember their names
  • An amazingly talented and passionate co-teacher who has a mutual love for the Mountain West
  • Gaining super-human flexibility regarding when, where and what materials would be available for lessons
  • And the students...oh the students. Bongam Elementary Students are surely some of Daejeon's finest. Those who are a bit rough around the edges are still fine and kind and lovable. They will be missed.

Class 4-1: Penguin, Mario, Luigi, Yoishi, Ca-uen, William, Jinu...

Class 4-1: Ji-su, Ji-won, Ji-you, Eu-gene, Min-seo...

Class 5-1: Cindy, SaraJane, Erin, Myeong-kong...

Class 6-1 <3: Rebecca, Rina, Amy, Hermione, Chris, Kelly, Grace...

Class 6: Sam...oh Sam.

Class 6-1: So much love

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