Monday, March 28, 2011

Story Time: Doggy Poo

Some days in the English language classroom/career provide more chuckles than others. Having received the request to assist both her elementary schools with their Reading Contest this Spring, Melissa Harrington sat down to read a number of stories ranging from Alice in Wonderland to The Little Prince. One title however, caught Melissa Teacher's attention and the story was far from disappointing. Even better than the story, were the accompanying pictures of the stories main character: Doggy Poo.


Doggy Poo
Once upon a time, there lived little Doggy Poo. He felt all alone. He felt no one wanted him. A bird poked Doggy Poo. "What’s this? Poo! Poo! This is Doggy Poo! Dirty!" said the bird. "What? I am dirty?" asked Doggy Poo. He was bitter, and he cried.

A lump of clay laughed at Doggy Poo. "What’s so funny?" asked Doggy Poo. "You. You are a doggy poo, the worst kind!" said the clay. Doggy Poo was hurt and cried aloud. "I am really sorry," said the clay. The lump of clay paused. "I may be more of out luck," said the clay. "I am from far away. In summer, I used to grow white potato flowers there," said the clay. "Why are you here?" asked Doggy Poo. "In my homeland, rain had not come for a long time. Everything dried out so fast. I was growing chillies, but I let them die. Now I am being punished," said the clay.

"Oh! Isn’t this from my land? I guess I dropped it along the way. I will take it back home," said a farmer. The
farmer put the lump of clay in his cart. The lump of clay was happy.
What am I good for?" asked Doggy Poo. "I’m just Doggy Poo," he wept alone. Winter passed and spring came. A hen and her chicks passed by and looked at Doggy Poo. "This is nothing. You can’t eat it," said the hen. "I’m not even good to eat," said Doggy Poo.

It was raining. In front of Doggy Poo, there was a sprout. "Hello star, what are you?" asked Doggy Poo. "Hello, I'm a sprout. I will become a beautiful dandelion flower one day," said the sprout. "Will you be beautiful like the stars in the sky?" asked Doggy Poo. "Yes, I will shine like them too," said the sprout. "How will you become like those stars?" asked Doggy Poo. "I will use rain from the sky and the warm sun," said the sprout. "I see," sighed Doggy Poo.

"But I need one more thing," said the sprout. "What’s that?" asked Doggy Poo. "I need you!" said the sprout.
"Me? How can that be?" asked Doggy Poo. "I need you to join me. Together we can become a
beautiful dandelion flower," said the sprout. "Really? Wow!" said Doggy Poo. "You need me to become a beautiful dandelion flower," said Doggy Poo.

Doggy Poo was full of joy. "I will join you!" said Doggy Poo. The Doggy Poo squeezed the sprout and gave it a big hug. "I am good for something!" said Doggy Poo. Everyone is always needed for something.


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