Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Conquering the Claw, Capturing the Smurf


Every once in a while, a story comes around that is for a very specific audience. Occasionally that audience is friends and family who have known the Harrington's for ages, other times the audience is expats living life in Daejeon, South Korea. Today's story comes with a specific audience, a 'dedicated-to' audience. This story may be enjoyed by any and all readers, but is specifically dedicated to Grandma and Papa Cushing in Torrington, WY.

Korea is home to many wonderful and amazing things, especially those within the technological realm. One such wonderfully, amazing contraption is 'the claw'. Sightings of this dangerously addicting, money devouring machine occur regularly when one wonders the streets of South Korea. In an attempt to prove his ninja-like, claw-machine conquering skills and win over (for the hundredth time) the love of his bride, Mike Harrington would often slip in a 500 W coin  to the taunting machine, after a night out for dinner and/or a drink. Mike's skill at the claw was apparent as each and every attempt lead to snagging a little blue-faced Smurf for at least a moment. However, the claw is not so committed to releasing it's prisoners and would often let go of the poor toy before making it to the 'safety zone'.

After only a few attempts on various eves, Mike Harrington finally captured a Smurf which miraculously made it to the 'safety zone'. Unfortunately, in a rare bit of stubborn-ness, the 'claw' would not release the Smurf from it's grasp and the poor blue-faced toy dangled above the precipice of freedom. Reluctantly, yet without hesitation, Mike Harrington put in another coin which encouraged the claw to let go and allow the Smurf to enjoy a new life of freedom living in the Harrington's '519' Apartment, a constant reminder of childhood mornings spent by Melissa Harrington at her dearly loved Grandma and Papa's house.

Take that, Claw.

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Anonymous said...

GRRRREAT post title! I appreciate the skill and talent of the writers of The Harrington Times for making this such a suspenseful recollection of a very amusing and wonderful tale.


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