Thursday, March 3, 2011

In the Kitchen: February 2011

Once again, The Harrington Times brings you an overview of what was happening in the Kitchen of '519' throughout the month of February. Already, we've posted information regarding the accomplishments of the 'traditional' Valentine's dinner celebrated by the Harrington's as well as a delicious story regarding some mighty delectable pancakes. Today, we round off that story with a few more links to some of the tasty dishes making their way from markets and grocers to dining room tables in the land of Kimchi.

As time moves on, Melissa Harrington grows ever confident in her ability to use readily available ingredients in South Korea to throw together something mighty tasty. One ingredient Mrs. Harrington was excited to get her hands on were some clams. Having grown up in the land-locked state of Wyoming, such an ingredient was simultaneously a challenge and a thrill. With the sweet shelled clams Melissa threw together a Clam Noodle Soup followed a day later by a ROKin Clam Chowder that came together with it's fair share of substitutions.

Substitutions have been the key factor in many of the recipes coming from '519'. In her Not Quite Pad Thai, Melissa substituted, soy and vinegar for fish sauce and soju for lime juice and pulled off the stove top a dinner that was delicious, made even more so by the Sesame Leaf Beef Sandwiches served alongside the Thai Noodles.

Aside from these feats of substitutions, this month a few sweets, such as Oreo Crumb Cookies and Peanut Butter Blondies made their way out of the oven and into anxiously awaiting bellies. Other culinary feats include: Sweet Potato Burritos, Grape Flavoured Soju and home-made Chicken Stock.

To keep track of the Harrington's kitchen on a more regular basis check out: 519 Kitchen and get cookin'!

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