Thursday, March 10, 2011

No-Rae Bang Favorites II: #5 (and a Bonus)

Meeting us at the half-way point is a classic Karaoke song and, truth be known - the first ever Karaoke song Melissa Harrington sung (while sipping wine at a sweet little pub in Spain with some of the most fantastic companions imaginable). So, coming in at #5 is Gloria Gaynor with I will Survive.

In addition to No-rae bang song #5 we at The Harrington Times bring you an additional song that made it's appearance on Friday night. This song served no purpose other than to remind Mrs. Harrington of the University of Wyoming's Male A Cappella group: Happy Jacks. The following video is the group Mrs. Harrington imagined as her and good friend Jen botched their way through Baltimore's Tarzan Boy.

1 comment:

Annalise said...

My cousin was one of the founding members of the Happy Jacks!


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