Monday, March 7, 2011

No-Rae Bang Favorites II: #10

A few months back we reported on a no-rae bang (노래방) experience enjoyed by the Harrington's and some dear friends of the ROK. As luck would have it, that was only the beginning and a recent, Friday night outing (March 5, 2011) had Melissa and 4 friends singing their hearts out until 2 am. What started as an evening of 찜닭 (chim dalk: chicken in a spicy brown soy sauce with clear noodles) and dipped cones from McDonald's escalated into a night of 'singing' down memory lane, getting in trouble for drinking soju and moments later being rewarded for bad behavior with 1.5 hours of free singing room access (after already singing 2 hours and just purchasing an additional half hour). What's most important however, is what was being sung throughout this 4 hour time slot. Therefore, this week, we at The Harrington Times will post the top 10 songs sung during Friday nights no-rae bang extravaganza.

Coming in at number 10 is No Scrubs by TLC.
This song took the 3 ladies down memory lane and triggered middle school memories of making up dances for our own Melissa Harrington. If you can't remember the song or want to prepare yourself to sing this for your own no-rae bang adventure, have a look and listen right here:

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Sandra said...

Ahhh, I get the No-Rae Bang songs now! Gotta love yourself some TLC and Ace of Base! And I'm a big fan of anything Glee sings! Haha! You just need to post the video's of YOU singing these songs! Sounds like a blast! :)


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