Sunday, March 20, 2011

White Day - A Day for Love Squirrels and Love Rabbits

Those living in the Western World are quite familiar with Valentine's Day and readers of The Harrington Times may remember how the Harrington's celebrated their Valentine's Day in Korea as per tradition, although a few days late. However, what the Western World is missing out on is the knowledge and concept of White Day. Celebrated on March 14th, the male counterpart of a relationship is supposed to give his sweetheart a variety of chocolates, sweets, suckers, stuffed animals etc. (Traditionally, in Korea, Valentine's Day is when the female counterparts offer gifts of chocolates to their favorite men). Not skipping a beat, Mike Harrington offered his lovely lady some sweet gifts of chocolate acquired from the nearby convenince store GS25 (the same location where a month earlier, Melissa Harrington purchases some chocolates for the man she so dearly loves). To celebrate White Day then, Melissa worked hard on her Masters Course Readings while enjoying some sweet treats from a Love Squirrel and a Love Rabbit.

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