Sunday, March 13, 2011

No-Rae Bang Favorites II: #1 (and 1.5)

Readers of The Harrington Times, particularly those who were with Melissa Harrington on the night of the infamous 'all-night No-Rae Bang' might realize this series was mostly a reflection of Melissa's top no-rae bang pics and may or may not represent very well the pics and favorite songs of all no-rae bang contenders. This is most likely true in addressing the number 1(and 1.5) songs from last weeks Friday Night No-Rae. Having desired nothing more than singing two particular songs at a no-rae bang for nearly 6 months, Melissa Harrington begged the writers of THT to post the following two videos as her (hopefully others) favorite no-rae bang moments of March 4, 2011 so in at # 1.5 is Journey's (or Glee's, because the no-rae bang crew sounded that good) Don't Stop Believin' followed (or preceeded...) by #1 as Ace of Base's The Sign.

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