Saturday, January 22, 2011

Damyang Bamboo Forest

En Route to Daejeon the Harrington's along with their 7 new Korean friends made a couple of pit-stops to enjoy a bit more of the fine and beautiful tourist attractions offered by South Korea. Following a breakfast of Ramen, the crew headed north making their fist stop at Damyang, near Gwanju, South Korea to meander aimlessly in the bamboo forest.


After taking in the sights of bamboo and famous sites of Korean dramas and popular TV shows, the cars were re-loaded and took the group a few minutes drive to a pleasant walk way along the river. A walkway which promises to offer great beauty and joy during the warmer months but offered only a few photo ops on Sunday the 16th of January before everyone, foreigner and Korean alike, were ready to reload the car and continue forth to Daejeon where activities such as napping could easily take place.

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