Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunrise 2011: Ringing in the New Year Bright and Early

In South Korea, there are generally two occassions upon which to celebrate the new year. The calendar dictated new year common to most westerners and the Lunar New Year, more common to Asian nations. The Lunar New Year has yet to come, therefore this article will have little to nothing to do in regards to such. However, readers may wonder if and how the Harrington's brought in 2011.

With the help of some well-informed and investigative expat friends, the Harrington's learned of a Korean 'New Year Tradition' which involved the following: hike, friends, food, January 1st (or Lunar New Year day) and sunrise. Wanting to get the most out their Korean experience with dear friends and loving a good, frigid morning hike, the Harrington's were all to eager to join in the 'reindeer games'.

After ringing in midnight with friends, the Harrington's accompanied the Mullen's home to crash on their floor. With a mere 5 or maybe 6 hours of sleep the Mullen's, Harrington's, Callaway's and Dickerson-Bradford's met in the dark hours prior to sunrise and began a modest 1 or 2 hour hike up iced-over trails alongside Korean men, women and children, young and old.





The journey was well-worth it regardless of lacking an-all-out-vibrant-and-spectacular-sunrise, the crew settled for pink skies covering a snowy cityscape before heading down the trail back to the Mullen's for the world's fluffiest, most delcious pancakes dripped and flipped by noneother than the hostess, Jennifer Mullen. The morning continued forth with games and napping before each family made a decision to return home for a 'real' solid nap experience. So it was, on January 1st in Daejeon (an hour likely correlating to the end of 2010 for family and friends back home) the Harrington's found themselves ringing in the new year, bright and early!

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Placement Agent said...

What a good year to start! It's definitely a different but exciting way of welcoming the new year, and not a traditional way of celebrating just like here in our place. What we usually do is cook delicious foods for the new year's eve, then wait till the clock strikes at 12midnight of January 1st then we eat together.


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