Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Daejeon: Haleh's Korea Experience - Part 4

The final day of Korean experiences for both Haleh and Melissa to enjoy together came all to quickly. Thursday morning, the ladies took their time getting ready and deliberating about how the day should be spent. Deciding a day trip somewhere may or may not provide fulfillment of all their wildest dreams the ladies chose to stay in Daejeon for another day catching a few sights which had been missed previously in the week. With decisions made, the two made their way toward Time-World Galleria to grab a Egg-Muffin breakfast at Paris Baguette to be enjoyed with a Starbuck's beverage in the big comfy chairs of Starbuck's Cafe.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee - Thursday Morning = Starbucks
 Filled with breakfast and caffeine the ladies hopped on the 104 and made their way into the snowy and deserted Expo Park where they met the aliens and Haleh wrestled an Alligator (in winter, mind you). Enjoying the snowy scenes the ladies continued their walk through the Hanbat Arboretum until they arrived within a short distance of Mike Harrington's Middle School where he was finishing up
 English Camp for the day. Within a few minutes Mike joined the ladies and the trio sat down at a Kim-Bap restaurant to enjoy Dol-Sot-Bi-Bim-Bap (rice in a hot stone wear dish, topped with veggies, spicy red sauce and an egg). 

Expo Park
 Following lunch the ladies stopped by the '519' apartment, rested a few minutes, dropped off a few items then headed back to the sub-line to re-enter the underground shopping market to finish up some souvenir shopping for friends and family of Haleh back home. With souvenirs purchased, the girls headed above ground to take a brisk and quick stroll through one of Daejeon's larger markets while huge, fluffy snowflakes fell to the ground. The air becoming increasingly frigid, Melissa recommended a quick treat of Hoddeok (cinnamony, buttery, sweetness - filled 'pancake') before making their way back to the subway and home.

Market Shopping and Looking
The day was concluded with a meal of Bulgogi (meat in a spicy sauce) and a rousing game of Ship, Captain, Crew. The end of the day also brought with it the reality that Haleh would begin her trek back to the states the following day and Mike and Melissa Harrington would spend yet another day at their respective schools attempting to be productive. It was with such thoughts and feelings the group headed off to bed before saying their good-byes and departing the following morning.

The Harrington's were fully blessed and honored to have Haleh as their guest over the Christmas season. She brought with her the perfect amount of adventuresome spirit and a sense of home to assist the Harringtons, particularly Melissa, in pushing through the end of the year regardless of work and/or distance from family and friends back 'home'.

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