Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Daejeon: Haleh's Korea Experience - Part 3


Being herself a teacher in the United States, Haleh was not upset to learn that Melissa would have to interrupt these days of touring and 'vacationing' with a day of work at Bongam Elementary School. Melissa Teacher, expecting students to be antsy with the upcoming holiday and winter vacation took additional advantage of Haleh and Haleh's thrid grade classroom by developing a lesson plan for 3rd-6th graders which would revolve around students getting to know where Haleh was from, what she'd experienced and ate since being in Korea and what she does in the USA. After students ran around the room 'voting' on the best answer regarding Haleh (i.e. Where is Haleh 친구 from? A-America, B-Canada, or C-Korea? - go stand in such and such corner for A, B, C, etc) Melissa Teacher led them in a letter writing activity. These letters in turn would accompany Haleh back to her room of 3rd grade American students creating for both sets of students a good ole fashioned pen-pal relationship.

Highlights from the letters:

Dear American Friend,

"I love you! Do you know Obama?"

"I have one dream. To receive post from America. I have never received a letter from America."

"I like dok pokki. Do you like Korean food?"

"I dream soccer player."

Your new friend,

After enjoying a school lunch which far exceeds the flavors and nutrition of an American school lunch Melissa Teacher continued on with classroom obligations while Haleh explored a bit of Gung-dong, enjoyed a waffle and returned in time to accompany Melissa Teacher back home. Following a bit of rest and relaxation but the 'reunion' with Mike Harrington it was into Dunsan-dong where the trio met with some friends to enjoy a filling and delicious meal of Shabu Shabu (beef swished in broth, dipped in sauce, placed on rice filled lettuce and enjoyed with a good portion of Korean sides) in the top floors of Time World Galleria.
Following another successful and delcious Korean meal, Haleh was accompanied by a group of Guest English Teachers to a 'singing-room' aka Norae-bang where she enjoyed the singing talents of Melissa Teacher, Jennifer Teacher, Holly Teacher Michael Teacher and Mr. Fitz. Haleh even found herself joining in the singing 'game' with an all too amazing rendition of the Spice Girls - Wannabe. In case readers have forgotten this once popular tune, we at The Harrington Times leave you with your own opportunity to 'sing-a-long' and experience a bit of Korea Norae-bang.

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