Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Daejeon: Haleh's Korea Experience - Part 1

After arriving on Christmas Eve, enjoying Christmas morning and Christmas Day with the Harrington's and friends, it was time for Melissa's college friend Haleh, to get out and see all that Daejeon, South Korea has to offer in the bleak of winter. So it was, on December 26th, following a small brunch of eggnog, Boston creme pie and a simple egg scramble with the Wagoner's that Melissa Harrington and Haleh made their way into Dunsan-dong to explore a few shops, stationary stores and of course a cafe. The cafe provided Haleh a uniquely Korean experience of a super sweet and creamy Sweet Potato Latte while Melissa opted for a Chai Tea Latte.

Following cafe warmth and catching-up the ladies met up with Mike just to have their dreams of dining on Samgyupsal dashed by uncooperative hours of operation. Fortunately, Korea provides delicious food in many varities and the trio only had to walk about 2 minutes before finding themselves seated with Kimbap, Bokembap and Mandoo Soup for a delicious way to end the first half-day 'on the town'.

Update: After the first puplication of this story as the editor lay in bed she remembered the whole story of Haleh's first day on the town had not be shared. Without further ado, here is the rest of the story.

Following dinner the girls made a quick decision to go to a Korean salon named Leechard Pro Hair, a salon first discovered by Melissa when reading this blog article which she quickly followed up with her first visit. Having loved the experience so much she worked 'hard' to convince Haleh it was a necessary and amazing Korea experience. The salon experience did not disappoint as both ladies sat down under the care of a sweet, talented, English-speaking hairdresser named Anna, sipped on iced cafe mochas, stared in silver angel-winged mirrors and received a superb shampoo, cut and style for 12,000W (US$10).


Lookin' good with their new do's the girls met up with Mike Harrington and made their way toward Government Complex Daejeon where a short walk lead them to a giant blow-up Bowling Pin, promising an exciting and slightly entertaining evening of bowling with the Callaway's.  Haleh pulled through in both of they ladies games proving herself to be the championship bowler. Kolt of the Callaway's showed Mike up in a couple of the men games. With these Korea experiences under Haleh's belt, the Harrington's felt safe in returning home so that all could rest and prepare for the next days activities.


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