Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Harrington Christmas in Korea: Christmas in the Morning

If you have a chance to ask Melissa Harrington about her favorite part of celebrating Christmas she will claim, hands-down, that Christmas morning is tops! Nothing beats going through a stocking filled with delectable treats, small gifts, eating something delicious and simple, opening gifts from thoughtful friends and family and anticipating the meal and merrimaking to come. Waking up thousands miles from 'home' did little to change the joy and gladness found in Christmas morning for the Harringtons and their guest Haleh.

With a convenience store located at the base of the apartment building, the '519' crew enjoyed a breakfast of pastries and banana milk, the most perfect accompaniment to sifting through stockings and opening thoughtful gifts from all over the world. Gift highlights: a small book entitled What's your poo telling you?, headphones, Christmas goodies from Haleh and family back home, USB charged foot warmer, and the #1 Gift for the Harringtons...Couple Tees! Or, in Melissa-lingo 'matchy-matchy' sweaters! (Also a gift highlight, the Sony point and shoot used to capture some fabulous moments a week ago). Perhaps, the best, best however were the morning Skype calls home to parents, grandparents and sisters -- seeing those lovely faces and hearing the sweet voices of home is always a joyful and blessed occasion for the Harringtons.



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