Saturday, January 22, 2011

Move over Lady Gaga, There's a New Lady In Town

And she goes by the name Lady Annyeong. (However, we'll give a bit of lip-service to Lady Gaga by asking: "How do you wake-up Lady Gaga? -- answer at the end of this article)

Following the Harrington's 5 day travelling stint around the peninsula (of which The Harrington Times will provide full articles and reports in the near future) the Harrington's made plans to go and retrieve the dog which we at The Harrington Times, recently sought your adivce in naming.


On Friday, January 21st, the Harrington's began their journey home leaving from Tabaek, South Korea train station. Upon stopping at Jecheon the Harrington's continued separate ways; Mike onto Seoul, Melissa onto Daejeon. The plan at this point was for Mike to retrieve the 3 year old mixed-breed dog from her foster in Seoul while Melissa continued on to Daejeon to unpack, clean up, and purchase some basic necessities (dog food, pee pad and some treats).

Awaiting anxiously in Daejeon, Melissa was thrilled when 5.5 legs walked through the door and began settling into home. Being an adult dog, Lady Annyeong is not filled with unrequited energy and spunk. She is of a mellow temperment and 24 hours into her stay with the Harrington's remains a bit shy and timid although appears to sense that she has been fully welcomed and embraced by this new family. She has eaten well, pottyed only outside on her daily walks, learned to comfortably lay on her blanket and pillow and given the Harrington's plenty of opportunities to stroke her soft white and brown-spotted coat.

(And the answer to the question regarding Lady Gaga...A: You Poke-er Face...hahaha, ㄱㄱㄱ, Question and answer provided via a facebook status of a Kindergarten teacher whose student post just such a question)

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