Thursday, April 7, 2011

To-Do List: Pungmul Market

Occassionally when browsing the internet whether it be on Facebook or expat discussion forums the Harrington's come across a few odds and ends that catch their attention (most often Melissa). In an attempt to remember these wonderful finds and perhaps share the goods with other human folk living in South Korea, some of those finds just might make their way into this bloggy space. To kick off the 'To-Do List', The Harrington Times brings you:

The Monthly Weekend Pungmul Market

Described as a folk flea market the event is held on the final Saturday of each month. Anyone in Seoul is invited to come check out the goods or contact Seoul Global Center in order to sell their own goods (second-hand or hand-made).

Knowing Melissa's particular fondness for second hand goods and thrifting it's surely only a matter of months before the Harrington's find themselves wondering the stalls of this folk flea market.

If you're living in Korea, have you been to the Pungmul Market? Impressions?
If you've never been - are you interested in joining up with The Harrington's?

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