Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In the Kitchen: March 2011

Another month, another post featuring the delicious eats from a cozy Korean kitchen.

Freezable Cilantro Pesto: Endorsed by Lady Annyeong
 The month of March, Melissa Harrington took on the task of preparing non-Basil-type Pestos to ensure the Cilantro and Spinach would not go to waste. For those living in Korea/Daejeon, fresh Cilantro is a golden ingredient which can be found near Daejeon Station at the World Food store. However, an entire bunch of Cilantro can be difficult to use in a week if you enjoy an occassional night out for dinner - in that case, Freezable Cilantro Pesto is where it's at. Continue the pesto making with this Spinach Pesto and you'll have yourself a fine pasta meal in waiting. 
Binch Smore's: Also endorsed by Lady Annyeong
Long dreamed of, ever since first biting into a Binch cookie - the Binch S'more was a wonderful and delicious experiment from the Wookyeonbil Kitchen in the month of March - an experiment which will be revisited often. Also, in huge thanks to the toster oven was a delectable loaf of Carrot Cranberry Bread. With bi-weekly trips to the traditional market, Melissa Harrington and her dear friend Jen have plentiful opportunities to pick up some fine fruits and veggies for cheap! 
Carrot Cranberry Bread

French Toasted Bagel with Gravy
 March also provided an opportunity to continue the French Toast Bagel Sandwich experiments with the added bonus of Homemade Gravy - resulting in these French Toasted Bagels with Gravy. Another moment of experimenting had much sweeter results as Melissa busted out a trio of No-Bake Cookie Varieties ranging from: Matcha Green Tea No-Bakes; Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Almond No-Bakes and the number one variety - Cookies and Cream No-Bakes. Finally, to top off the month with a few additional eats, the Harrington's enjoyed their first Hasselback Potato expeirence as well as a few rolled Baklava Crepes.
Cookies and Cream No Bakes

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Stephanie said...

Might I say that Lady has great taste! The food looks fabulous! Wish we were closer to endulge with you! Love to you!


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