Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sporting a New Look (and missing some parts): Lady Annyeong


Lady hair was everywhere. It was time for a change.

Mike Harrington took Lady Annyeong for a short walk to the Dunsan-dong E-Mart, up an escalator or two and into Royal Vet clinic for a grooming. Booked until 5:00 that evening, the groomers opted to keep Lady Annyeong for the whole day and the Harrington's were to pick her up at the end of the day. Assuming Lady would receive a nice scrub down and trim, Mike left her at the clinic for the day, returning at 7:00 to find a nearly naked 3.5 legged dog who was anxious to return home.

Unfortunately for Lady Annyeong, the clinic visits didn't stop there. This past week has been a week of Rabies shots, spaying and micro-chipping for Lady Annyeong. The vet at Royal Vet Clinic has faithfully served Lady Annyeong and the Harrington's and ensured as pleasant as a process as possible. Now, five days following the major surgery and needle prodding, Lady Annyeong is on the up swing of recovering.

Since being spayed, Lady now shows particular affection toward her dirty green tennis ball - Mike Harrington hypothesizes that Lady realizes she can no longer give birth, but wishes to express her motherly instincts by caring for the green tennis ball. The Harrington's may never understand this new found appreciation for the tennis ball but do expect Lady to continue living a happy, fulfilling life especially with the arrival of Spring and hopefully more outings.

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