Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nonsan Strawberry Festival

On Saturday, April 9th the Harrington's and a crew of friends made a short trek to Nonsan, South Korea to enjoy a sweet little red fruit commonly known as the Strawberry. Known for producing some of Korea's finest and sweetest strawberries, Nonsan sits a short 30 minutes train ride from Daejeon which was particularly fortunate for the Mullen's, Wagoner's and Harrington's as they found themselves with 'standing room' only train tickets. For the fair and affordable price of 2,500 Won however, the couples couldn't complain and were soon be greeted by the hustle and bustle of a Korean festival at it's finest.



The festival provided a number fantastic strawberry inspirations ranging from jams, smoothies, burgers and pat-bing-su a popular shaved ice and red bean dessert served in South Korea. The festival grounds were smaller than most and therefore had the Harrington's and others brushing up against strangers for the course of the day. Regardless, the festival-goers took in the sites and activities which included: a not so happy 'Happy Zoo', cake making, sampling, teeter-totter jumping game, and even strawberry picking among numerous other activities. A handful of the crew made the decision to go pick strawberries while one couple called it a day and the Harrington's meandered the town of Nonsan (of which many great discoveries were made and will soon enough be shared in this very blog space!)

Although crowded and surprisingly muddy, the festival was well enjoyed and will likely see the Harrington's next spring so that they too can enjoy the sweet goodness of Strawberries fresh off the vine.

Getting there: From Seo-dajeon station take a train to Nonsan - look for the floating Strawberries in the sky and walk toward them - no problem!

When to go: Begining to mid-April.

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Jon Kelly said...

I can only hope that one day I have a strawberry chair. That would be awesome!


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