Monday, April 18, 2011

Enter Year Twenty Six (or is it 27) for the Man of the House

On April 6, 2011 the Man of the House, Mr. Harrington said adios to his 25th year and hello to his 26th year of living an honorable, adventurous life with the one he loves.

Never wanting to create a huge fuss, the day itself was rather non-eventful, in part because it was a work day. However, at the close of the work day, Mike Harrington made his way to Gung-dong to enjoy one of Ms. Jin's Hamburgers before he and the missus made their way to the World Cup Stadium to witness Daejeon Citizen's Football Club struggle to manage the ball against the Pohang. Regardless, a night at the stadium allows each of the Harrington's to enjoy fresh air, a good game and memories of their not-so-recent World Cup attendance in South Africa.

The game and the evening soon came to an end and it was off to slumber and waiting a few days before the continuation of Mike's birthday celebrations.

When Friday rolled around, good friends made their way to the Harrington's '519' home to enjoy a feast of sweets, the giving of a few gifts, and the playing of numerous games (from Chess to Catan to 'Who am I?'). Highlights of the evening included the receiving of gifts including socks, lottery tickets and a chess board and above all else, chowing down on the infamous Harrington specialty: Pi Phi.

Early in the morning, this leg of celebrating Mike came to an end. However, the celebration was not laid to final rest until the Mr. and Mrs. embarked on a date night at House Grill for delicious burgers and fries and a final gift for Mike...a gift yet to be fully decided upon, but a final gift nonetheless. Stay tuned for a future post which may or may not showcase this mysterious 'final gift.'

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Sandra said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Mike! Sounds like it was a great week! :)


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