Friday, January 20, 2012

New Years is for Sleepin' Winein' and Redneckin'

With the Harrington crew en route to the states, M&M returned to Daejeon on New Year's Eve tuckered and ready for rest. The two grabbed a sandwich at the train station before lying down to a three hour afternoon nap. Woke up for dinner (the earlier purchased sandwiches) after which Melissa promptly slept through the night until waking on the first day of 2012 (no midnight bells for her!) Mike however made it until midnight, but he too was soon snoozing until morning came-a-knockin'.

Wanting to make something special out the new year and to show some ounce of celebration for the new year the Harrington's first watched their phones (with Denver time displayed) and joyfully toasted in the new year at midnight, Denver/Wyoming time - the equivalent of 4 in the afternoon on January 1st in South Korea.  With a glass of Korean persimmon wine (strangely enough, purchased at the sub shop the night before) the Harrington's celebrated the joys of 2011 and anticipated what was to come in 2012.

And, one of the first things to come in 2012 was a rollickin' good ole game of Redneck Life.  That's right ya'll, Redneck Life, the dog-gone darndest thing you ever done played with your ma, paps, step-chillen and neighbors. All you gotta do is crack open one of them brewskies, use the cap as your player, roll you some dice and watch you money dwindle and kids pop out. The Christmas gift that Mike "Bubba Joe" Harrington wanted the most is a game for those who are losin' them teeth, drinkin them Keystones, drivin' them tractors and livin' their lives the best they know how.

And that dear readers, is how 2012 started at 519 Galma.


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