Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Harringtons in Korea: Meat, Boats and the No-rae Bang

After a day with middle school students it was time for the Harrington's to reassure the family that life in Korea wasn't only about working for a living.  Friday night was M&M's opportunity to introduce their lovely family to their lovely friends.  So while Harrington's napped, co-worker and most fabulous friend Hyun-hee came over to 519 Galma before the Harrington 6 and Hyun-hee made their way to the OEC for amazing hot choco and lattes.  With caffeine working in their veins and preparing some of the crew for an all-nighter, the group of 7 then made their way to Gung-dong where they met up with Paul and eventually Hak-chol (Hyun-hee's husband) to enjoy Korean BBQ and Korean cold noodles, which were, to Katie's surprise, cold.
With full bellies the crew of now 9 made their way to the Rum-boat, a pirate themed bar where they keep the music volume under control so as to encourage and allow for conversation, to meet additional friends of the Harrington's.  Throughout the course of the evening and drinking beer on a Pirate Ship, the visiting Harrington's met Garrett, Alla, Josiah, Jenelle, Whitney, Jonathan, Harris, Aaron, Uzma and the infamous Joe Berry.  Conversation was easy and steady as the visiting Harrington's began to understand that it's not just delicous food and cute children that have M&M sticking around in Korea for the time, it's the caliber of friends they've made that would have been impossible had they not placed 6,000 miles between them and 'home'.

As the night carried, the barely-over-27 Harrington's made their way back to 519 to get some well-deserved rest before the upcoming flight, where as Mike, Melissa, Molly and Katie made their way, with a slew of friends, to a crappy no-rae bang for an awesome no-rae bang experience.

A couple of highlights from the no-rae bang...

My Chick Bad - Ludacris (performed by a teddy bear of a friend with large eyes and killer skills on the microphone)

Diggin' on You - TLC (HUGE no-rae bang fail by Melissa...BUT huge win on igniting middle school memories)

With various pop songs playing in their heads on repeat, the Harrington's under-27 returned to 519 at 3:30 am for a 'nap' before getting out of their warm blankets, strapping on some bags and heading to Seoul for their final day together in the Land of Kimchi.

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