Monday, January 16, 2012

Harringtons in Korea: Tradition and the 'Ice' Bar

Having denied the Harrington's snacking privleges the day before, it was now time to encourage full-out snacking and taste-testing behavior at Daejeon's traditional market and the street food vendors of old downtown. Making their way through the market the crew (which consisted of all but Mike Harrington) enjoyed mini-red bean paste cakes, dumplings, fried shrimp, fresh and deliciously sweet strawberries, 16,000 strings honey candy, and much more. Between snacks, the Harrington's were amazed by the variety of creatures which not only live in the sea, but that are consumed in relatively high amounts judging by their populous in the market alone. Assaulted by the smells of fermenting veggies, sea creatures and fresh produce the Harrington's were soon underground enjoying a bit of shopping and a bit more snacking (this time on fresh fruit juice and a caramel/cream waffle). With snacks and shopping out of the way and Mike joining up with the crew it was on to a quirky little 'ice' bar.

Since Mike had unfortunately been denied the opportunity to snack for the afternon, the ice bar afforded not only the option to drink some of Korea's finest brews, but to also chow down on a few snails, pretzels and hot Mexican chicken nachos. Enjoying the chilly atmosphere of this old downtown bar, the Harrington's shared a large pitcher and lot of laughs as snails flew into shirts and phallac ice sculptures were discovered. However, all the good times of the day shopping and snacking and throwing back a few brews could not compare to what was to come...



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