Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Year Ago: Lady Annyeong got a Forever Home

A year ago began a fateful Facebook link share between Mike and Melissa that generated a slew of comments, all in support of becoming this little 'ladies' Forever Home. So after many conversations and Melissa's growing desire to have this dog in their lives the couple made their way through the pet adoption process as necessary through Animal Rescue Korea. They also took on the naming process until it was concluded, without hesitation to call the 3.5 legged mutt, Lady Annyeong.

Since bringing home this bundle of joy the Harrington's have enjoyed countless walks, professional pup haircuts, home 'budget' pup haircuts, board-gaming, road trips, camping and festivals with Daejeon's sweetest Lady. She has spent significant time with Aunties and Uncles meeting numerous Daejeonites and quickly surpassing M&M in her friend count (thankfully she doesn't have Facebook...yet, she'd totally out do her parents).


One year with this girl has brought immeasurable joy to the Harrington household. There is nothing better than coming home to a twirling, pitter-pattering little fluff that wants nothing more than you to lay down so that she can crawl up on your chest and be near you until it's time to go for the evening walk. For the Harrington's, Lady Annyeong is one of many blessings and joys that has been possible only because they made the trek to Korea and she is undisbutably worth it!

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