Friday, January 13, 2012

Harringtons in Korea: Gojuchang bulgogi and Screen Golf

While M&M spent the day slaving away teaching English, the Harrington crew explored Daejeon's National Science Museum, Kumdori Land and the National Cemetary. However, since M&M were not there and this blog is the work of M&M, this story refers only to Tuesday night, after the crew explored on their own and kept the 104 bus in business.

As should be expected, when M&M returned from their respective schools and days of teaching, they were ready for some grub. Wanting to get all the spicy dishes out of the way early in the week to better guarantee an enjoyable flight for the US-bound Harrington's, M&M escorted the crew to their number one favorite restaurant in all of Daejeon, located in Gung-dong. Cheap Pork Village (the English translation of the restaurant name) specializes in a go-chu-jang (red pepper sauce) bulgogi (in this case -thinly sliced pork meat). Worried about the heat factor, M&M ordered half spicy meat and half plain meat which worked out perfectly as the spice level was just a touch high for four of the Harrington six. Not only famous for this spicy pork dish, Cheap Pork Village also specializes in a cheesy fried rice that is most notable for it's 'cheese volcano' action upon completion. Needless to say, all Harrington bellies and tastebuds were beyond satisfied at the close of the meal.

With full bellies and one Harrington man's persistent desire to expose the other Harrington's to the joy and uniqueness that is screen-golf, the group walked for about 10 minutes before
turning into a Screen Golf building. With a room and a screen, some balls and some clubs all to themselves the Harrington's set to playing a few rounds of golf which quickly revealed a group-wide inability to make par much less get anywhere near the hole (and by group-wide we mean eventually Mike Harrington had some relatively impressive rounds). Growing in sleepiness, three of the six bowed out early and left Mike, Katie and Patty to finish out the course.


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