Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Harringtons in Korea: K-Pop Slam with Nameson Middle School

As the Harrington's time in Daejeon wound toward the end, they made yet another trip into the educational realm of South Korea, this time tackling a Korean Middle School. Waking up early and sharing one small Asian-sized bathroom, six Harrington's made their way to school on Friday the 30th of December, 1 to Samcheon Elementary school to finish out week one of Winter Camp, 5 to Nameson Middle School to play numerous rounds of K-Pop Slam with loads of sweet Korean students.

Per hospitality routine, the Harrington's were served numerous paper cups of Korean green tea, introduced to principals, vice principals, teacher's and students. They were handed cakes, plants and more cups of tea and coffee. Each outing into the middle school hallways elicited countless shouts of 'Hello!' and 'I love you!' Lunch was typical: rice, soup, kimchi and unidentifiable otherness with bitty fish. So it was, the Harrington's passed the day as the biggest group of celebrities to hit the Nameson Middle School scene, learned loads of K-Pop songs and performers and were filled to the brim, yet again, with Korean hospitality shown in a shower of gifts and snacks.



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